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Pricing for our Concrete Polishing in NYC and the Tri-State area.

​One of the most important factors in determining price is confirming if your floors are suitable for concrete polishing. Not all concrete can be polished, or will look good when the job is finished. In addition, the location, accessibility, size, area, and scale of the job are variables that all must be considered beforehand, as there can be multiple prohibitive factors the can impede or halt a job’s progress. For example, the grinding machines are extremely heavy, so the only way we could access higher floors is through a service elevator. Logistics are crucial when handling and using these heavy, bulky machines. The condition the concrete is in should also be considered. If you are interested in us refinishing your concrete floors some things to remember when requesting a job are:

  • How open is the area available for us to do concrete polishing in NYC in? Walls must be worked around, and more walls means more time spent on the job.
  • What is the scale of the job? Again, the logistics of transporting and organizing the resources needed for a job must be within reasonable limits. Plus there may be expenses for renting generators.
  • What is the job site location? We have minimums based on job distance.
  • How much edge work must be done? No machines can polish right next to a wall, so hand polishing must be done next to any walls, which is very intensive and time consuming.
  • In what condition are the floors?’
  • Do you want it dyed or stained?
  • How bright a sheen would you like to have?

We offer concrete polishing in NYC and the Tri-State area to both Residential and Business customers.​ We are the best concrete polishing contractors in the area.

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